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Knowing When to Switch Insurance Can Make a Major Difference

Switching insurance may be necessary if you are unhappy with your service and auto accident help, or just want to lower your annual premiums. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Georgia residents paid an average of $749 on insurance in 2010, the 20th highest in the United State. If you believe your payments are too high or you have experienced problems with your provider that cannot be resolved, the following tips can help you when switching insurance companies.

How to Decide When to Switch

While you could switch insurance providers at any time, you should first check with your current company to see if you will be charged a cancellation fee for terminating your coverage. If this is the case, it may make more sense to wait until your policy is completed.

If you will be making any major changes in the near future, such as moving to another state or purchasing a new vehicle, it may be worth switching insurance companies at that time if you are unhappy with your current service. This allows you to cut down on paperwork and get everything changed over at once.

If you are in the middle of an insurance claim in Atlanta, ask your personal injury attorney before you switch. Discuss how this may affect the claim before switching so you don’t encounter any unforeseen problems.

Determine What Type of Coverage You Need

Georgia requires that all drivers carry insurance coverage.

At the very least, your coverage must include liability insurance in the following minimum amounts (per accident):

  • $25,000 for property damage;
  • $25,000 for bodily injury; and
  • $50,000 for bodily injury to two or more individuals.

While underinsured/uninsured coverage is not required, you may want to look into how much it would cost to add this to your policy. In most cases, this type of insurance is not expensive and can be very useful if you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident or involved in a collision with an uninsured driver.

If you think that your coverage is too expensive, speak to your current provider before switching insurance companies. You may be able to drop unnecessary coverage and just carry the minimum amounts in order to reduce your bill.

Shop Around

If lowering your costs is your primary concern, there are a number of online auto insurance quote websites that you can use when looking for a new provider. Please keep in mind that these quotes are not always up to date, so you may have to call around and speak with several companies to get accurate quotes reflecting your specific coverage needs.

If you are switching insurance companies because you are unhappy with your current insurance company’s customer service and/or auto accident help after involvement in a collision, it may be worth asking friends and family about their satisfaction with their insurance providers. You should also seek out online reviews and even check with Atlanta branch of the Better Business Bureau.

Make the Switch

Before switching insurance companies, you may be required to find a new provider before leaving your current one so that your car remains road-ready and legal; so it is important that you have your next policy already chosen. In fact, you may be asked to provide proof of coverage before terminating your insurance plan.

While many people believe that they can just stop paying their premiums at renewal because they have switched to a new company, your former insurance provider can report this to the credit bureaus, thus affecting your credit rating. Call the company beforehand and go through the proper cancellation process.

Contact an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Today

When your insurance provider fails to provide adequate auto accident help after a vehicle collision, it may be necessary to work with an Atlanta personal injury attorney in order to obtain the compensation necessary for medical treatment and car repairs.

The Law Offices of Shane Smith can help Georgia residents negotiate a settlement in order to recover from the financial and emotional losses related to their car accidents. Call 888-927-6955 to schedule a consultation. If you’re in the middle of a claim, ask your attorney before switching insurance companies to avoid any problems.

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