All employers want their workers to use their time effectively and avoid wasting time on unimportant tasks and projects. Yet it can be a challenge to help some employees learn how to prioritize their daily tasks in such a way that they can always meet their deadlines. Fortunately, there are a number of high-tech apps and devices that can help your employees develop these types of skills.  

After learning more about the following apps and devices profiled in a recent online article published by Fast Company, you may want each of your business supervisors to hold brief meetings to introduce these apps and devices to all of your employees.

Here’s a quick review of just some of these special time-saving apps and devices that really do help those who understand that “time is money.”

Excellent Apps/Devices for Helping Workers Improve Their Productivity

  • Smartwatches and other Android Wear. Keeping track of your current “to do” list and updating it can become very easy with these items that “quickly add tasks using only your voice.” Furthermore, just glancing at your watch is a real timesaver since you can quickly look at the screen as you keep right on working;
  • A simple app that let’s you rely on “Post It” notes. If you’re already using an apple device, be sure to download the free app called “Post It Plus.” As this source article reveals in pictures, it basically lets you snap a photo of a large group of these notes to help keep in mind all of your priorities, and even quickly share them with others;
  • If you’re looking for an alternative to time-consuming emails, you may want to stay in touch with your staff by using the free app Slack. Visit this link and try it out to see if it will streamline activities and communications for your group;
  • There are a number of new available devices and apps that can help you both manage and schedule your daily tasks. According to this Fast Company article, the free app Timeful can be downloaded from the iTunes website and quickly installed on your Apple device. Even when you have simple scheduling conflicts, this program will help you find alternate times for pursuing certain tasks. It can also help you set up reminders for new useful habits and practices that you’re trying to make a part of each day.

These are just a few of the many new devices and apps referenced in the article noted above. If you’ll read the entire Fast Company piece, you may discover some other new favorites to help you and your workers become much more productive on a daily basis.

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