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Texting and Trucks Do Not Mix

Texting and driving is dangerous for any driver.  41 states plus Washington, D.C. ban texting while driving for all drivers.  However, texting is illegal for drivers of large trucks anywhere in the United States.  The United States Department of Transportation has enacted a law that prohibits drivers of large vehicles such as tractor-trailers, buses, and other trucks from texting while driving.  If a truck driver is caught texting, he or she may face hefty fines up to $2,750 plus additional civil and criminal penalties.  The reason for such strict laws is that texting is extraordinarily dangerous especially when driving large trucks.  Any truck driver who causes an accident due to texting should be held accountable for all property damage, injury, and pain and suffering caused by the truck accident.  A dedicated trucking accident attorney in Coweta County can help hold the driver responsible for his negligent actions.

Trucking is, by nature, a lonely profession.  Drivers spend hours each day on the road, usually alone in a small cab of a truck.  They often travel the same routes over and over again, which can be boring and repetitive.  Therefore, it is understandable that drivers look for ways to entertain themselves and stay connected to friends, family, and the world outside of their truck.  The rise of cellular phones helped drivers stay connected, however also provided a new distraction while driving.  The increased popularity of texting over talking on cell phones has made the distracted driving even more dangerous.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration instructs that texting is one of the most dangerous distractions while driving because it takes a driver’s mind, eyes, and hands away from operating the vehicle.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates that a texting driver takes their eyes off the road for approximately 5 seconds at a time.  At 55 miles per hour, that means a truck driver may travel the length of a football field without looking at the road.  This puts other drivers on the road at a huge risk.

Texting while driving a truck is against the law, and drivers who cause accidents due to texting should be held liable for their actions.  If you have been in a truck accident, call an experienced Coweta County trucking lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith to help you.  Do not hesitate to call 770-487-8999 today.

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