Although intelligence is distributed widely all around the world, there are certain skills and abilities that often seem to be clustered more among people raised in certain countries compared to others. While this may just be indicative of the educational programs provided by various countries, it’s an important reminder for employers to always remain open to hiring the best worker for every job, regardless of the person’s ethnic background.

In other words, if you want the “best and brightest” people working for you, they may hail from a very wide range of countries – so, it’s never wise to automatically refuse to interview some people just because they don’t appear to easily fit in with your current workers. Of course, it’s also highly illegal to discriminate against job applicants based solely upon their national origin, ethnicity and other similar traits.

Here are some of the many advantages you can reap by hiring workers simply based upon their skills, training, experience and demonstrated aptitude.

Specific Ways Employers “Win” When They Hire a Diverse Group of Employees

  • You will gain unique insights into your products and services from workers of widely differing backgrounds. This information can prove critical when you’re trying to market products not just in America -- but all around the world;
  • Customers often prefer interacting with sales and management officials who share their ethnicity and unique concerns. It’s quite natural for consumers to feel most comfortable when interacting with others who share their ethnic background and basic living customs;
  • You can often gain a competitive edge elsewhere in the world. If you employ a highly diverse workforce, chances are that some of your workers can easily interact with their home countries in ways that will enlighten you as to how best to advertise your products and services in that foreign area;
  •  Your problem-solving skills are likely to be much more diverse. We each develop our own worldview early in life, and it’s often based upon where we grew up and where we’ve been living our lives. When you have a diverse workforce, chances are that some employees will be good at organizing highly unique approaches to solving specific problems while others may readily be able to minimize the drawbacks of the most common solutions;
  • Communication issues can be greatly minimized. When you employ native speakers of various languages and dialects, you greatly increase your chances of winning over customers who are very uncomfortable only interacting with English-speaking sales people.

Finally, a diverse workforce implies that you fully respect the special gifts and abilities of people from all across the world. This is one of the best PR stances any company can take, especially when it’s true.

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