When people think of accidents involving large commercial trucks, they usually think of accidents that occur while the truck is moving at high speeds on the freeway or interstate. Such common accidents include runaway truck incidents, underride accidents, override accidents, jackknife accidents, and more. However, most people do not consider the risks of accidents when a large semi-truck or tractor trailer is parked on the side of the road. In fact, thousands of accidents occur each year because of stopped commercial trucks. Though many of these accidents happen because motorists collide with the stopped truck, it does not necessarily mean the motorist was to blame. In fact, many times the truck driver acted negligently by improperly parking his big rig on the side of the road. In these instances, any injured accident victims deserve to be reimbursed for all of their injuries and losses by the liable driver. An experienced Fayette County truck accident attorney can help you prove the truck driver was negligent so that you can receive the compensation you deserve.


Truck drivers may pull over on the shoulder for many reasons, including:


  • Mechanical problems with the truck
  • Rest breaks due to onset of fatigue
  • To make an important phone call
  • To adjust any cargo or equipment on the truck
  • To adapt the truck to changing weather conditions
  • To wait out adverse weather


These are only a few of the potential reasons a truck driver may have to pull over. Though these reasons may be valid, a truck driver must follow strict procedures when he pulls onto the shoulder, set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These include using warning flashers, flares, and other devices to ensure the truck is visible to passing motorists. The truck must also be pulled far enough over to avoid encroaching into any traffic lanes. The driver should not open his door into traffic either. If a driver fails to do any of these things, he could be found negligent in the case of an accident.

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