Though accidents involving large commercial tucks may occur for many different reasons, the most common cause is driver error. Driver errors may include speeding, breaking other traffic laws, driving while fatigued, and much more. After an accident, chances are slim that a driver will voluntarily admit that he acted negligently to cause the accident and accept liability. Instead, an accident victim will likely have to conduct their own investigation to prove that the driver should be held responsible. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you always want to make sure you have an experienced Coweta County truck accident lawyer handling your case and conducting a thorough investigation.

Information in the Black Box

When you think of a “black box,” you likely think of plane crashes. However, many commercial trucks are also equipped with such a device that records data related to the movement and functioning of the truck. The black box has a GPS system that record the truck’s location at certain points in time. Therefore, the black box can show how long the truck driver had been driving within the past day or week and when they took breaks. This information is very helpful when if you are alleging that the driver violated hours of service regulations and fell asleep behind the wheel. Additionally, the black box can tell you the speed of the truck at the time of the crash, which can help prove that driver was moving over the posted speed limit or too fast for the weather or road conditions. These are only a few ways that the truck black box is invaluable in proving driver liability in truck accidents.

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Whether a truck accident was caused by driver error or negligence by another party, a case can always be complicated, especially since the parties will be trying to avoid liability. You always want a truck accident attorney who has experience taking on trucking companies and investigating this type of accident. If you have suffered injury, call Shane Smith Law for help at (770) 487-8999 today.

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