When it comes to starting a new business, most of us either don’t believe we have the time or the money to pursue this type of goal – or else we’re convinced that we’re not savvy enough to create a new company and succeed. Fortunately, many bright people take big risks and approach their goals very carefully. They hold on to their day jobs and then devote their nights and weekends to turning today’s great ideas into tomorrow’s “must-have” products or services.              

In order to provide added motivation to those wanting to fully pursue their talents, a recent Inc.com article reviewed some of the most common traits of those who’ve successfully started new companies.

Common Character Traits and Behaviors of Most Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Deep down, you have a strong belief in yourself. We all know a number of self-assured people. Although they may belong to any profession, you frequently meet them in their roles as doctors, lawyers, teachers and creative business owners. While they may experience doubts about their own abilities at times, nearly all of them present themselves as fully capable of most professional challenges. That’s how you have to feel about yourself if you’re going to have any chance of creating a business that makes you a millionaire – or at least, financially comfortable;
  • You’re flexible and can change paths as circumstances warrant. You must be someone who adapts easily to various changes and challenges. Likewise, you’re a person who isn’t greatly upset by sudden market fluctuations, employee concerns or inventory shortfalls;
  • You like to challenge the status quo. If the idea of taking on huge corporations that have dominated a field you plan to enter doesn’t bother you, chances are you’re a born entrepreneur. Just be sure to do your research and fully check out the competition before you try to hit the ground running;
  • You’re a person who has a great eye for details – and the big picture. The thought of creating a comprehensive business plan strikes you as fairly straightforward and you’re comfortable with your own vision – as well as that of  your possible partners – in regards to where you’re taking your company;
  • You’ve often felt like a rebel with a special cause. If you’ve always been someone who doesn’t scare easily and you aren’t afraid of authority figures who think they know everything -- rest assured that many others in the startup community fit this profile. Give serious thought to putting together a company of your own – and then approach a reputable incubator or accelerator and see if that group believes you have what it takes to succeed. Of course, if you are a true rebel or iconoclast, never forget the value of consulting with good mentors, even long after you’ve made it through the early startup stages.

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