The Negotiation Process:

During the Negotiation phase, we are fighting against the insurance companies to get best offer for your case. In order to reach this goal, we must prepare the case for you by making sure that all of the bills and records include final costs.

7 days later after mailing the demand, Jennifer will call the insurance company to verify that your demand was received. Once we know that they have it in hand, they have 30 days to tell us whether they will deny the claim or if they will make an offer. The insurance company uses this month to have their medical review committee exam all of your medical information. If the insurance company denies your claim, then Attorney Ron Smith will call you and suggest what next steps we can take, which might include litigation. If the insurance company makes an offer, then Attorney Ron Smith will normally go back and forth with the insurance company several times with demands and counter-demands until Attorney Ron Smith thinks the best offer has been achieved.

At this point, Jennifer mails out a settlement package to you. NOTHING is settled until YOU decide to sign the paperwork. Or if you do not like the terms, you can have Jennifer set up a time for you to talk to Attorney Ron Smith about your options.

While in negotiations your case will be handled by Jennifer and Attorney Ron Smith.

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