The Center for Head Injury Services reports that an American suffers a traumatic brain injury approximately once every fifteen seconds, totaling nearly 2 million per year.  About one fourth of traumatic brain injuries require hospitalization and treatment, and a person dies as a result of his or her brain injury roughly every five minutes in the United States.


Traumatic brain injuries result from a wide array of accidents or other incidents.  Just over half of these brain injuries are caused by car accidents.  You do not even have to hit your head on the dash or other object to suffer a brain injury –sometimes whiplash alone can cause a mild concussion or brain injury.  Always make sure you seek medical treatment in the case of a car accident or any other time you hit your head or may suspect a possible brain injury.  If you are diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury from an accident, and someone else may be responsible, also be sure to call an experienced Newnan accident attorney to discuss your case.


In addition to car accidents, other common causes of traumatic brain injuries include:


  • Falls
  • Sports or other recreational activities
  • Assaults and violence
  • Bicycle accidents


Younger males ages 14 – 24 tend to most commonly suffer from traumatic brain injury, likely due to the high rate of participation in contact sports or due to fighting or other reckless behavior.  Furthermore, over half of people who suffer from a traumatic brain injury are intoxicated at the time of the accident or injury.  Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of death for males under the age of 34, and so younger men should be especially careful to avoid any behavior that may put them at risk for a brain injury, or to wear a helmet when engaging in high risk activities.


If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident or other incident that was not your fault, it is important to call a Newnan accident attorney as soon as possible.  Call the Law Offices of Shane Smith today at (770) 487-8999 for a free consultation and to help you get reimbursed for your injuries.

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