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Tips to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle can be a healthy, cost-effective, and fun way to get from place to place, and as summer draws near, we will likely see an increase of people biking on our roadways. While biking has many benefits, it also can result in significant injuries to riders that are involved in accidents with motor vehicles. Bicyclists do not have same protections enjoyed by occupants of passenger vehicles, and bicyclists can often sustain serious injuries. People who have been injured in car accidents that were the result of someone else’s negligence may be able to recover through a personal injury lawsuit. In order to determine whether you have a claim you should consult with an experienced Fayette County personal injury attorney. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Shane Smith are available to meet with potential clients at no charge to discuss any potential case.

Fortunately, there are steps that bicyclists can take to reduce their risk of sustaining an injury while riding a bike. Some of these steps include:

  • Making sure that the bike is the right size
  • Always wearing a helmet
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Wear brightly colored clothing or clothing with reflective strips
  • Avoid high-traffic areas, if possible
  • Do not ride under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Use caution when crossing intersections

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The unfortunate fact is that bicycle accidents are going to continue to occur. If you have been injured by in a bicycle accident that you believe was the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. The best way to avoid bicycle accidents is to educate yourself and your family about how to best stay safe while riding. Bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries that may require long-term medical treatment. To schedule a free consultation with one of our Fayette County personal injury attorneys, call the Law Offices of Shane Smith today at (770) 487-8999.

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