Given the constant attention paid to social media by many people, especially younger workers, it’s important for every company to keep tabs on what its employees are telling others about their work atmosphere. Although this article isn’t suggesting you snoop and review people’s emails, it might be wise to regularly visit certain websites that allow workers to anonymously say what they really think about their employers. Some of the most popular sites that provide this type of information are, and                      

Should you not find any such comments, then you can feel lucky. However, you may want to ask some loyal employees to voice their thoughts on these websites, to counter other assessments that may appear in the future.    

A Little Imitation May Be Flattering – and Useful to Your Company Culture                                         

As for which companies still receive the highest marks from their employees, high-tech companies like Google and Apple remain in the forefront. It may be useful to use your favorite search engines to help you learn exactly why certain companies keep ranking so high with their workers so you can more competitively bid for the top university graduates each year.                                    

The following information should help you get started.

The Top 10 Companies (Out of 25) -- According to a Recent Glassdoor Report

  1. Twitter. While this online social networking service seems to still have some problems with hiring enough women, Blacks and Hispanics -- there are still a number of reasons why others like working there.  Competitive salaries, an upbeat company culture, and definite opportunities to grow within the company play a major role in creating employee loyalty here;
  2. Edelman. Although many of us are still unfamiliar with this company, it’s well known to many as the Silicon Valley’s largest public relations firm. One of its key aims is to actively promote women to its highest positions;
  3. Google. Many of us have read an article or watched a movie featuring a fun-looking office environment that really has been based upon that present at Google. One of its most popular moves has been to do away with “cubicles” and emphasize work spaces that research shows actually increase productivity and creativity;
  4. Riverbed. This technology company’s goal is to improve the efficiency of various networks and network applications. It sponsors a wide variety of extracurricular programs and strongly urges its workers to get involved with monthly “reach out’ volunteer efforts;
  5. Facebook. Apart from this company creating many open spaces where employees can work more easily with one another and continuing to support telecommuting, workers here appreciate their: (1) generous stock options, (2) opportunities to take on meaningful projects that can truly showcase their personal talents and (3) the ongoing free exchange of ideas;
  6. Southwest Airlines. If you haven’t flown on this airline, you’ve missed out on a lot of in-flight fun and efforts to make you laugh. Employees are encouraged to come up with new ideas for briefly entertaining flyers, while still getting their jobs done. Southwest still has a very positive safety record that’s important to both consumers and employees who practically “live” in the air; 
  7. Chick-Fil-A. Although this company has taken a strong stand against gay marriage, most people still enjoy the good food served here. One website includes comments that say it’s a great place for young teens to work -- although the starting pay is rather low for nearly everyone. However, the business sometimes gets mixed ratings regarding its training program. Fortunately, many workers seem to believe they have good opportunities for advancement at Chick-Fil-A;
  8. National Instruments. This company creates useful tools for both engineers and scientists. Although some workers have complained about their employee benefits, others have praised the company highly for the interesting work and the chance to create a good work/personal life balance;
  9. Chevron. This company seems to be making sincere efforts to help young female employees who need special accommodations because they have small children. It also places a strong emphasis on helping employees attain their best health. A number of Chevron workers say they like their fair salaries and the strong emphasis placed on employees taking regular work breaks;
  10. HEB. Apart from liking this company’s everyday grocery stores, the public has readily embraced HEB’s Central Market (CM) group of stores which often cater to those who prefer high-quality, pre-prepared, and natural foods. Those who regularly visit CM stores often notice that the employees are usually upbeat and seem to actually like their jobs.  (HEB stands for Howard E. Butt, one of the first owners of this store/chain).                                                              

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