Most homes with children are covered with toys.  Toys come in an endless array of types, shapes, and sizes, and every week, hundreds of new toys are released into the market.  In order to be sold, these toys must be safety approved for certain age groups to make certain the toys will not cause injury to the innocent children playing with them.  However, accidents happen, and even if toys are safety approved and used as intended, injuries can still occur.  If your child is injured by an approved toy, contact a Fayette County personal injury attorney to see if you can hold the toy company responsible and get reimbursed for the injuries.


The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission tracks toy related injuries and regularly issues responsive safety alerts to parents regarding popular toys.  Some general toy safety alerts currently published include:


  • Plastic wrapping on toys can be a choking hazard.  If accidentally swallowed, the wrapping can block a child's throat.  You should be certain to remove all pieces of plastic wrappers from every package.
  • Balloons are the leading cause of suffocation in children.  Small children can unknowingly suck an inflated balloon into their mouths, or a balloon can break during inflation and get sucked into the child's mouth.  Children under the age of eight should not play with balloons unsupervised.
  • Caps for toy guns can ignite and cause burns.  Even when caps are not inserted into a toy gun, they pose a danger.  You should not allow your child to place caps in their pockets as they can spontaneously set fire to the pocket.
  • Toy chest lids can fall and injury or trap a child.  When buying a toy chest for your child's room, you should make certain that the chest has a particular type of hinges that keeps the lid open and prevents the lid from falling while your child might be reaching or looking into the chest.


These are only a few of the current toy safety warnings published by the CPSC.  Parents can email the CPSC and order complete printed versions of toy safety guides to ensure they know how to keep their children safe.  However, in the unfortunate instance that you child is injured by a toy accident, you may have a personal injury claim.  Call (770) 487-8999 to reach an experienced Fayette County personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith who will help you with your claim.


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