An Atlanta truck accident attorney may suggest requesting a copy of the driver’s Driver Qualification File (DQF) after a truck accident to use as evidence in a claim. 

The DQF also includes: 

  • Road test results and copies of driver’s licenses – To become licensed, a driver must pass a road test. The certification that they passed, also called a Certificate of Driver’s Road Test, must be kept in the DQF. Copies of their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) must also be kept. A lack of certificate or license in the DQF will show that the driver was operating the vehicle illegally. This could help prove negligence in your case.
  • Hours of service records – To ensure the safety of truck drivers and others on the road, there are strict regulations as to the hours and schedule a commercial driver can keep. There must be records of each driver’s hours of service in the DQF; if these hours are found to be in violation of federal standards, it could show that the driver was fatigued or unable to perform his duties properly at the time of the accident. It could also show negligence on the part of the driver’s employer.
  • Medical certifications – Every commercial vehicle driver is required to submit to and pass an annual physical exam. If they pass, there must be a certification from a medical professional stating so. A lack thereof can show that the driver was not in proper physical condition to be operating the vehicle, and may help prove them partially at-fault in the truck accident.
  • Alcohol and drug testing results – Before gaining employment as a commercial driver, applicants must pass a drug and alcohol screening. The results of this screening are kept as part of the DQF; if they are not present, it could be used to show the driver had a substance abuse problem that may have contributed to the accident. 

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