If involved in a truck accident, a trucking accident lawyer in Atlanta is a good resource for information regarding liability in such cases. For instance, if pre-trip inspections are skipped or rushed through, problems with the security and safety of the cargo could be missed. 

A truck that is overloaded could lead it to roll over, or if the load isn’t properly secured it could spill. Trucks that carry hazardous materials such as gasoline or oil pose a serious risk. An accident could lead to harmful chemicals spilling or a fire igniting. 

Types of Commercial Truck Accidents 

Some of the types of commercial truck accidents include the following: 

  • rollover – cabin and/or trailer of truck can roll over (taking sharp turns too quickly is a common cause);
  • jackknife – trailer of the truck swings to the left or right at a 90-degree angle (can be caused by sudden braking);
  • underride – smaller car goes underneath the truck (may be prevented with a guard);
  • override – truck goes over a vehicle (resulting in the vehicle being crushed);
  • tire blowout – tire blows, which may cause driver to lose control; and
  • braking – difficult for a big rig to make a sudden stop.                   

Seeking Help from a Trucking Accident Lawyer in Atlanta 

No matter the cause or type of truck accident in which you or a loved one has been injured, you may have the right to compensation. Talking to a trucking accident lawyer in Atlanta can help you learn which types of damages you may be entitled to seek such as medical costs, missed time from work, pain and suffering and more. 

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