What causes truck accidents? A trucking accident lawyer in Atlanta has handled enough cases to become familiar with some of the most common causes of these accidents. If you or a loved one suffered severe or fatal injuries in a crash involving a commercial truck, your next step should be to seek legal counsel. A lawyer can help determine if you should file a claim and who may be held liable. 

Causes of a Commercial Truck Accident 

Truck drivers are sometimes on a tight schedule. In an effort to meet a deadline, they may drive over the speed limit. When a big rig is traveling at a higher rate of speed, it can make braking or making a wide turn difficult. As a result, the truck can slide into another vehicle or even jackknife. 

Commercial truck accidents are also caused by inattentive drivers doing things that take their eyes off the road like: 

  • Texting;
  • talking on a phone;
  • fidgeting with dials;
  • eating and
  • other distractive behaviors. 

Sometimes that’s all it takes for a crash to occur. Another reason truck accidents happen is when a driver doesn’t get enough rest or sleep and is driving for hours at a time, it can lead him or her to lose focus or fall asleep at the wheel. This is why federal law limits the number of hours that a driver can be behind the wheel.  

Alcohol or drug impairment is another potential cause of commercial truck accidents. Even certain prescription medications can cause drowsiness or otherwise make it difficult to drive safely. 

Drivers who don’t have the required training or qualifications to operate a semi pose a serious risk as well. Inexperience can play a huge role in an accident. 

But it’s not just the drivers who pose risks. Problems with the truck could also lead to an accident. This could be a result of the trucking company or manufacturer’s negligence.  

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