When a friend, sibling, spouse, or parent is killed suddenly, due to something that could have been avoided, the grief can be terribly painful and overwhelming. When people close to us die, our minds try to make sense of it. However, when someone is killed suddenly, we have a hard time understanding why such a traumatic event could take place. 

Our minds have an easier time making sense of death when someone dies due to old age. However, other traumatic causes of death often seem senseless. It is more difficult to come to grips with a loved one’s death when it is due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

Knowing your loved one died because of someone else’s fault can be the most painful aspect of your grieving. Also, the shock can be overwhelming, and knowing that you didn’t get to say thank you or goodbye to your loved one can stay with you forever.

When the person you love was a victim of a Georgia DUI accident, you may experience pain like you have never felt before. You may be sadder or angrier than you have ever felt. The grief can be long lasting, causing you to act out in ways that are unlike you, or even causing you to question your own sanity.

No one can change the way you feel about the death of your loved one. Nothing anyone says or does will be able to bring that person back. However, there are some things you can do to help yourself get through this difficult time and seek justice for your loved one who was wronged. These could include:

  • Talking with an Atlanta DUI victim lawyer about your rights
  • Filing a personal injury claim against the person responsible for your loved one’s death
  • Pursuing a Georgia wrongful death claim
  • Participating in the criminal proceedings so that you can track what is happening   

When you seek justice on behalf of your loved one and make the responsible person own up to his or her reckless actions, it may help you in your own recovery. Although no amount of money or jail sentencing will bring your loved one back, it may help you to start moving forward. 

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Also, be sure to request a complimentary copy of our book, I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver: What Do I Do Next? The Guide for Victims of Georgia Drunk Driving Accidents.

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