All of us have a stress threshold that needs to be respected if we’re to function in a productive manner. So, if you need to stick with a low-stress job, you should obviously avoid joining the military or a highly active police force.                                                                        Nevertheless, there are some of us who actually seem to do our best work when under considerable stress. If this latter description fits you, you should always schedule plenty of exercise and look for a variety of ways to effectively manage your daily stress level.                                 

Here are two lists which indicate some of America’s lowest and highest stress-related jobs.  

Positions/Professions Most Likely to Cause the Least Stress – and Their Median Annual Salaries

  1. Audiologist.   This usually low-stress job often pays workers about $69,000 annually;
  2. Hair Stylist.    Depending upon the size of your salon, you’re likely to earn about $22,000 a year;
  3. Jeweler.          A person working in this low-stress position can count on a median annual salary of about $35,000;
  4. Tenured University Professor.  The median annual income for this often interesting position is close to $64,000;
  5. Seamstress/Tailor. These detail-oriented professionals are likely to earn roughly $26,000 a year;
  6. Dietician.        You can often earn about $55,000 a year in this job, depending upon                        
  7. Medical Records Tech.  Although you must keep up with highly detailed records, you’re strong organizational skills can help you earn roughly $34,000 a year;
  8. Librarian.     Depending upon your employer and the size of your library collection, you can earn about $55,000 a year in this job;
  9. Multimedia Artist. This interesting yet frequently low-stress position can help you earn a median annual salary of about $61,000 a year;
  10.   Drill Press Operator. Those who are hired for one of these jobs tend to garner close to $35,000 annually.

Although all of these jobs tend to be low-stress positions, they can vary a bit when you have a very demanding boss or highly aggressive coworkers.

The following high-stress jobs often attract rather pleasant people who can interact with a wide variety of personalities and still derive significant pleasure from just serving others.

  • Jobs and Their Median Annual Salaries

  1. Baristas. You’d think that serving people cups of coffee would be a fairly straightforward and calm job. However, customers often come in with long lists of coffee drinks they need for themselves and many of their co-workers. Also, most coffee drinkers are very picky about what “extras” they want put in their drinks. The median annual salary for this job is roughly $20,000 a year;
  2. Teacher’s Aide, Special Education. While this job can provide excellent training, few aides realize the stresses they may encounter while trying to help children with significant physical and/or learning disabilities. The annual median salary for this position is about $22,000;
  3. Loss Prevention Officers. While you’re shopping, odds are someone is watching your every move, making sure you aren’t trying to steal anything. Although this job is important, it comes with few rewards and the pay is rather low. You can expect a median annual salary of $23,000 for this position;
  4. Day Care Teacher. Even though this country claims to put a high value on teaching, we don’t seem to really want to show that respect to people working with our youngest children, at least not in terms of salary. These dedicated workers often have to interact with upset children who may still be wetting their underwear quite regularly. Parents can also be very demanding and put unrealistic expectations on these workers. These workers often earn a median salary of about $24,000 a year;
  5. Veterinarian’s Assistant. Even if you love animals, their owners can be pretty demanding, especially when Tabby and Spike are sick. Also, upset animals have a tendency to scratch and bite a bit more often. Finally, excessive barking and purring can get on anyone’s nerves after a while. Median salary: $25,000;
  6. Concierge. It’s not easy to be the happiest and most resourceful person around, especially when your job often requires you to help spoiled guests and residents. You have to truly enjoy serving others in this job, and not mind the median annual salary of about $34,000;
  7. Mental Health Case Manager. The mentally ill deserve to receive help from caring and compassionate case managers. Unfortunately, those hired in these positions are often assigned such heavy caseloads that they cannot provide the quality of services they’d like to give. You can expect a median annual salary of approximately $36,000 for this job;
  8. Public Relations Coordinator. Far too often, people with large egos expect miracles from those in public relations. Furthermore, you must frequently “put out fires” or handle problems of high-profile individuals who will rarely thank you for your efforts. This is not a job for someone who prefers a set schedule and well-defined assignments. The median annual salary for this job is almost $40,000;
  9. Assisted Living Manager. Like the concierge referenced above, these workers must often handle a wide range of sometimes urgent tasks. They may be asked to initiate repairs on a tenant’s room or apartment, locate someone to walk an elderly person’s dog or hire a new dietician to provide better food for the residents. If you enjoy daily changes, you might like this job – but the stress level can quickly mount up, especially when you have to help send people to the hospital or handle other emergencies. The annual median salary for this job is close to $41,000;
  10. Athletic Coach. Even if you love kids, it can be hard making sure they all get significant playing time while also interacting with their frequently demanding parents. In addition to making sure all equipment is kept in good shape, you must schedule all of the practices and games -- and make sure the children properly observe certain safety standards. It’s a highly stressful – but still often rewarding job to some people. The annual median salary for this position is about $43,000.

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