Determining the value of a personal injury claim can be complicated. There are several factors that may impact its worth. For help understanding if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing, contact an Atlanta accident injury lawyer who can evaluate the case. 

It’s important to know that when it comes to filing a claim, you will have a certain amount of time in which filing can be done. The statute of limitations in Georgia is two years, or four years for loss of consortium, which applies to a loved one who has been severely or fatally injured. 

Medical Factors That Determine the Value of a Personal Injury Claim 

One of the most important factors is the severity of your injury. Clearly there will be a significant difference between a broken wrist and the loss of an arm. The area of the body part that is impacted may also be factored in. A spinal cord injury is generally much more serious than a neck injury, such as whiplash, and head injuries tend to be more serious than foot injuries. 

Also taken into consideration will be the long-term consequences of an injury. A temporary disability won’t be considered as severe as a permanent disability. The longer that medical treatment and care will be required, the more it will impact the value of your claim. In general, you can expect current and future medical expenses to be calculated. 

Another factor in determining the value of a personal injury claim is the type of medical care necessary. When physical therapy, rehabilitation, assistive devices or surgery will be part of the treatment plan, such care tends to be more expensive than a simple trip to the pharmacy to fill a prescription. 

Income Factors That Determine the Value of a Personal Injury Claim 

When your injuries prevent you from working, your income will also be factored into an injury claim. Whether it is a week’s worth of work or several months, the income you have been without may be compensated. 

Let’s say that you used some of your sick time or vacation days while off work from your injuries. If it hadn’t been for the accident, you would not have had to use those days, so you may be able to include this in your claim. 

If it is determined that your injuries will prevent you from returning to work, then your earning potential will need to be determined. This will depend on your age, ability to retrain in another line of work, and more. 

Other Factors That Determine the Value of a Personal Injury Claim 

There are numerous other factors that will help in determining the value of your claim. Some examples include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish and others. 

Since there is no formula set in stone to calculate the worth of your claim, many benefit from the legal guidance of an Atlanta accident injury lawyer. Generally, the degree to which these losses and injuries have impacted your life in terms of economic and non-economic damages will be looked at and reviewed. 

In Atlanta? Accident Injury Lawyer Shane Smith Can Help 

When the negligent actions of someone else cause you to suffer serious injuries, you could be entitled to seek compensation. The types of damages that may be included in your injury claim will depend on these negligent factors. 

To further explore your legal rights as related to your case and the options that may be available, contact an injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 404-513-5415. In addition, if you want to avoid some common mistakes that accident victims make, order a copy of our FREE book. 

Don’t delay seeking legal counsel with an Atlanta accident injury lawyer. We will carefully evaluate the details of your case and determine the value of your personal injury claim.

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