Obviously, most people respond quite favorably to receiving pay raises. But since your company’s bottom line can’t provide those very often, it’s important to think of other ways you can definitely improve employee morale. For example, while most of us pretend that being named “Employee of the Month” means very little to us, it often actually means quite a bit, especially if it’s linked to actual sales or other easily verified statistics.                                        

Likewise, most workers enjoy finding out how their narrow area of expertise relates to the company meeting its overall goals. Just crunching numbers all day can get old – but if your employer respects you enough to take you to meetings where you can learn all about the company’s worldwide achievements, it becomes easier to stay motivated and feel valued.                     

Here are some other ways you can help individual members of your workforce feel like their contributions truly matter – often motivating them to redouble their efforts on a daily basis.   

Positive Ways to Boost Employee Morale

  • Consider holding creative contests to help the company name new products or locate exceptional new employees. Once such goals have been reached, announce them at well-attended staff meetings so the successful employees can receive the recognition they deserve. Many companies also provide financial bonuses to workers who refer new applicants to the company who stay well beyond their probationary periods;

  • Schedule field trips to local communities that are benefitting from your company’s work. Perhaps you run a non-profit that is successfully providing specialized medical care to indigent populations who are “slipping through the cracks,” possibly because they cannot afford their own place to live and a personal address. Let your workers see how their individual contributions are helping to support this useful type of center;

  • Offer tuition or other financial assistance to employees willing to return to school to obtain advanced training or degrees useful to the company. You are likely to engender long-term loyalty whenever you invest in your employees in this manner;

  • Consider offering telecommuting as a privilege -- open only to those who consistently meet specific employer-set goals each month. There’s nothing better than working at home in your “jammies” while your company is paying you “top dollar;”

  • Regularly schedule fun activities at work, even if just on a monthly basis. Many employees love knowing that once a month you’ll be treating them to their favorite pizza or “health-conscious” meals. If possible, try to also provide your employees with free gym memberships in your building or nearby. People like knowing that you actually care about them in this manner – especially when it’s clear that you aren’t just doing this to rein in the company’s healthcare insurance premiums;

  • Treat your employees the way you treat your most treasured family members. Everyone can tell when a boss truly respects him/her.  Regularly asking for employee opinions and truly listening to what they have to say can go a long way toward communicating respect. This is especially true if you decide to take action on a suggestion that a subordinate has made. Be sure to let everyone know who made the popular new custom or practice possible – and encourage others to come up with similar ideas.


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