Information for Pedestrians to Avert Douglas County Parking Garage Injuries and Deaths

Just because you are off the road and in a parking garage in Hannah Georgia, don’t let your guard down.

According to the Washington Post, 1 out of 5 pedestrian accidents happen in parking lots. Of these victims, senior citizens and young adults suffer the majority of these pedestrian accidents. Parking garages in fact are even worse than parking lots because along with all of the concurrent activities going on in a parking lot, people walking, opening doors and cars, and driving in proximity to Douglas County pedestrians, parking garages are not always as well lit – even during the day time.

Pedestrians are at a higher risk to become injured or even die because of negligent driver behaviors in parking garages including:

  • Driving too fast.              
  • Not paying close enough attention when entering, exiting and parking in a garage accident.
  • Focusing on finding an open parking space – not looking out for pedestrians.
  • Not having their lights on or using their car horn to passively and actively warn pedestrians of their presence.
  • No knowing how to operate their car by applying the wrong pedal to stop and accelerate.

Hannah Parking Garages are Inherently Dangerous for Douglas County Pedestrians

Drivers, even new drivers, are well aware to keep their eyes out for pedestrians crossing the street or intersection. However, Hannah drivers are not so used to keeping their eyes out for pedestrians in Douglas County parking garages. This puts Georgia pedestrians at a disadvantage. Since most drivers are always looking for the right way to drive in a parking lot, cannot always see clearly in a parking garage door to poor lighting, pedestrians are put at a disadvantage.

If you have been injured in a Douglass County pedestrian accident, the Law Offices of Shane Smith will be able to help you determine your legal rights and fight for justice for your accident. A Hannah pedestrian accident attorney will be able to work with you to determine all of your damages.

The Law Offices of Shane Smith has some safety tips for Hannah pedestrians to minimize their own Georgia pedestrian accident in a parking garage:

  • Always assume the driver cannot see you
  • Keep an eye out where cars might be coming in from to anticipate vehicle traffic
  • Don’t talk on a cellphone, text or do anything that might distract you from seeing what’s in front of and on your sides
  • Listen for cars and look for their daytime running lights

If you have been injured in a Georgia pedestrian accident in a Douglas County parking garage, call an accident attorney at the Law Offices of Shane Smith. You will be able to speak with a PI attorney during your free legal consultation to determine how your injury happened, how to effectively evaluate your injuries and how to get you justice. Call a Hannah accident attorney at (888) 927-6955 to get justice!

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