As the weather begins to warm, playgrounds are a wonderful place for children to enjoy the outdoors while getting some much needed exercise. Though playground safety has improved dramatically over the years, there is still a risk of serious injury or death due to the nature of the activity and the large complex equipment. Unfortunately, despite these improvements, children still lose their lives because of injuries they sustain on the playground. From 2001-2008, the Consumer Product Safety Commission investigated 40 suspected deaths due to injuries from playground equipment. When a death occurs due to negligent playground design, installation, or faulty equipment, the families of the victim may be able to receive compensation by bringing a Georgia wrongful death claim.  If you have lost a loved one due to injuries suffered on a playground, the best way to get the recovery you deserve is to schedule a consultation with the experienced Coweta County wrongful death lawyers at Shane Smith Law as soon as possible.

How can a Playground Accident Result in Death?

Accidents on the playground are quite common, though the vast majority are minor and will not result in any legal claims. Some accidents, however, can result in serious injuries that lead to death. If these accidents are caused by negligence or unreasonably dangerous conditions, the families of the victim may be able to get deserved compensation from the parties responsible. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the ways playground deaths occurred from 2001-2008 were:

  • Asphyxiation on slides
  • Asphyxiation on swings
  • Equipment breaking
  • Falls
  • Equipment tipping over
  • Inadequately protected location


Though these are the recorded causes of deaths due to injuries sustained on playgrounds, there are many more ways that these serious injuries can occur. An experienced wrongful death attorney from Shane Smith Law can help you determine if you are entitled to recover due to a death on a playground.

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