Every personal injury case is different, with different facts, different injuries, and different worth.  Some PI cases may be worth a minimal amount of money, while others can award the plaintiff millions of dollars.  If you have suffered injuries in any type of accident, the success and worth of your case will depend on many different factors.  While no attorney can immediately tell you the exact worth of your case in your initial consultation, an experienced Coweta County personal injury lawyer will investigate your case and then can let you know whether you have the potential to recover. 


Some of the many factors that may contribute to the success of your case include:


  • Whether the other person was clearly negligent (e.g. broke a law) or whether there is a question of fault
  • Whether the other party was careless or reckless
  • The severity of your injuries and the required treatment
  • Whether you underwent surgical procedures or extended hospital stays
  • If you had to miss work while recovering from your injuries
  • Did you suffer disfigurement, such as burns or disfigurement, or permanent disability, such as brain damage or paralysis
  • How much future medical treatment you will require
  • The estimated amount of future income and benefits you will lose
  • How much pain and suffering you experienced as a result of your injuries


If you sustained severe injury, require extensive medical treatment, lose your ability to work, or if the other party’s actions were particularly egregious, your case will likely be worth a higher amount than a victim who suffered only minor injuries.

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