If you are injured in a car accident, you want to receive the full amount of compensation you deserve from all responsible parties. Some people assume that the negligent driver is the only one who can be sued, but this is not always the case. If a person or company owned the vehicle and allowed someone to drive the vehicle who was unfit or incompetent to do so, that person or company may have also acted negligently. This is referred to in the law as negligent entrustment. People who negligently entrust a vehicle may be included in your lawsuit and held responsible so that you receive a full, fair settlement. An experienced auto accident attorney in Fayette County knows how to identify and pursue negligent entrustment claims in your case.


Under Georgia law, in order to show negligent entrustment, you must sow the following things:


  • That the person owned the vehicle in question;
  • The person entrusted the vehicle to an incompetent or unsafe driver;
  • The vehicle owner knew that the driver was incompetent or unsafe to operate the vehicle;
  • The incompetent or unsafe driver caused the collision and your injuries.


Often, negligent entrustment cases involve owners who loan their vehicles to underage and unlicensed drivers, intoxicated drivers, elderly drivers, drivers with certain physical or mental impairments or illnesses, or drivers with a known history of recklessness. Furthermore, companies may be held liable for negligent entrustment if they allow unqualified employees to operate commercial vehicles, taxicabs, or other vehicles used on the job. Employees may be unqualified to drive if they ddo not have the proper license or if they have a record of drunk or unsafe driving.

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