A lot of attention and concern over the last few years has been placed on driver distraction related to cellphones, and auto manufacturers have researched ways to help drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road yet still use their cellphones to text and do other tasks. This new generation of technology for cars is called voice-activated technology, and it is considered risky for drivers in Georgia and nationwide.

Automakers are marketing this hands-free technology as a safer alternative for drivers to send text messages and multitask behind the wheel safely, but there is nothing safe about multitasking and being distracted while driving. As many automakers are installing this new technology in their vehicles as a way to excite drivers and sell more cars, it is becoming a huge safety concern.

New Study Indicates Voice-Activated Technology Is Safety Risk

Although drivers in new cars next to you might have their eyes on the road, they could be using voice commands to send an e-mail, dictate a text, update their Facebook status, or even make a dinner or movie reservation with this speech-based technology.  However, this new technology is actually causing driver confusion and distraction. In fact, a new study by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates that this new technology is creating a worse safety risk that takes the driver’s mind off the road.

Even though the driver in the car next to you may have his or her eyes on the road, he or she may be using speech-to-text systems that cause cognitive distractions. When a driver is interacting with systems and voice-activated technology, the brain is distracted and can cause driver impairment that may lead to a Peachtree City car accident or crash nationwide.

Although the government is recommending automakers limit in-car technology so that drivers can stay focused on driving, it is estimated that over half of all new cars will have voice recognition technologies by 2019. What’s scary is that this new AAA study reveals that the speech-to-text technology requires greater concentration and causes the highest level of cognitive distraction for drivers than any other activity drivers participate in while behind the wheel.

What You Can Do About Voice Commands

First, don’t believe that using hands-free devices and voice-activated technology is safe to use behind the wheel. These technologies cause driver distraction and can lead to traffic accidents. Additionally, when you see that new car next to you on the road, you may want to avoid it in order to reduce your chances of being involved in a distracted driving accident in Georgia.

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