A simple trip to pick up some groceries at Kroger or another grocery store in Georgia could have left you in serious pain. When a grocery store trip results in a slip-and-fall accident in Roswell, a knee injury could have occurred. While many types of knee injuries include torn ACL, MCL, PCL, and meniscus injuries, an ACL tear is one of the most common yet serious knee injuries to occur in a slip-and-fall accident. 

A torn ACL (known as the anterior cruciate ligament) can tear partially or fully. Typically, a full tear will cause a victim the inability to put any weight on his or her knee. When an ACL tears in a fall, it is because the knee moved awkwardly and ends up tearing the ligament that controls the sideways motion of the knee. 

Victims of slips and falls in Georgia need to seek medical attention immediately for their knee injuries for proper diagnosis; however, here are some signs of a torn ACL:

  • Swelling in the knee
  • Hot or warm feeling in the knee
  • Pain
  • Inability to bear weight
  • Popping or snapping sound at the time of the incident

Diagnosing a Torn ACL

Victims are typically taken to emergency rooms because they cannot drive, stand, or walk. While it is obvious that something is seriously wrong with their knees, x-rays may not show broken bones or anything wrong with the affected knee. For this reason, victims are sometimes sent home with instructions to see an orthopedic surgeon and have an MRI test conducted. 

It is critical that injured victims follow through on these instructions and get an MRI test immediately. X-rays do not show injuries to the ligaments and tendons, which is why it is important that victims never ignore knee pain and hope for it to go away. 

ACL Tears Deserve Adequate Compensation 

A knee needs its ligaments to function correctly, or else a knee can give out. When a torn ACL occurs in a fall, victims can be out of commission for four to six months or more due to surgery, rest, and physical therapy. During this time, victims may not be able to work, drive, or even care for themselves.

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