Good grades in school and even strong references from recent employers may not always provide the best clues as to which job applicants can offer your company the most useful skills and work habits. While both of those indicators can prove useful, you want to get a feel for whether each interviewee is truly interested in your company and can serve as a leader for others.              One of the best ways you can determine the character trait of “drive” or ambition is to ask questions regarding how the applicant went about completing his or her education. Did they manage to hold down a job waiting tables while taking unusually heavy course loads so they could finish early -- or did they take more than four years to complete their degree because they just couldn’t decide upon a specific career field? While you cannot always directly ask questions about these drive and ambition, you can ask if the applicant gained any practical work experience while still in school and go from there.                                                                                                    Here are some of the other key traits you should always look for in current job applicants.

Personality Traits and Work Habits Common to Successful Workers

  • They will have strong communication skills and are able to truly connect with others. You need people who know how to actively listen to instructions and can easily communicate with their bosses, peers, and subordinates. You may want to put together small group interviews for some job applicants. This is an excellent way to see how well people are able to share their thoughts with others after you’ve proposed a hypothetical work-related problem in order to see how each person might try to solve it – while also hopefully listening intently to the suggestions of others;
  • They have strong willpower and the ability to complete all assigned tasks. Look for applicants who have handled highly challenging tasks for employers in the past and still managed to exceed all expectations;
  • They must be mature enough to have mastered the art of patience. While this can seem like a minor trait, it’s actually one of the last character traits many people ever develop. You need people who are quick to act -- but not impulsive. Ask questions that help you determine how well an applicant can work steadily on long-term projects without growing rather frustrated since it takes so long to complete them;
  • Great workers should exhibit both passion and optimism. Often, these traits will appear together. When a worker is very passionate about his various assigned tasks, he usually believes they can be done efficiently and on time. This type of optimism is crucial to obtaining each person’s best work;
  • You always need workers with strong integrity. If only this trait could be easily discerned. One way you can try to see if someone has this trait is to ask them to talk about past group projects they’ve worked on. Listen to see if they make any comments about the valuable contributions made by others – as well as their own. A person with integrity (and humility) will try hard to compliment the contributions of others and not need to imply that he or she did all of the hardest or most demanding work;
  • You need workers with self-reliance and self-confidence. Try to find out if each applicant has ever pursued a scientific or business project from start to finish, requiring little input from others. You can also ask questions about whether each person considers himself/herself to be self-confident and how that has been manifested during past employment. While every company needs people who work very hard and believe they have valuable contributions to make – they still need to have the humble ability to share honors with others.

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