According to Fast Company, the 10 most innovative companies in Hollywood today are either breaking new ground or helping new forms of media take root outside the conservative studio environments. For example, Netflix has amazed many by engineering a powerful comeback and changing “the way we find and consume great media. Buzz-generating series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black have [even] boosted Netflix’s subscriber base past HBO’s . . .”                              

In fact, Netflix is so powerful that Forbes has even begun publishing articles that give Hollywood advice on how to better cope with the presence of this company in the media marketplace.

Here’s some additional information about the other nine Hollywood (or quasi-Hollywood) companies that are shaking up the degree of control that some of the past media giants have exercised over television and film output.

Nine Other Hollywood Powerhouses Influencing Decision-Making On Various Fronts

  • WME. Every generation seems to come up with new acronyms that indicate major Hollywood power brokers at work. WME, which stands for William Morris Endeavor, has found a way to breathe new life into itself as a talent agency. This step was partly necessary because “star salaries [are] on the decline and the once-booming DVD business [is] now ailing.” Like other major players in this city, WME has purchased a past competitor (IMG), and started partnering with others -- like ad agency Droga5 in order to gain a stronger foothold in various fields;
  • Chernin Entertainment. Unlike some media companies run by various powerbrokers, Chernin was founded by former News Corp. president Peter Chernin and is currently fully funded just with Chernin’s own money. By taking this approach, he can take more risks without explaining himself to others and maybe realize greater profits in the end;
  • Funny or Die. If you haven’t come across a few extremely funny videos on this website, you’ve missed out on some truly “cutting-edge” humor. What started out as a great place to find hilarious videos made by such comics as Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, has now been “parlayed . . . into a TV and movie production house” with a variety of outstanding shows. Realizing it must move into other genres to keep growing, Funny or Die has now “moved beyond humor” and is even making a “sports-based documentary series for the Discovery Channel;”
  • Legendary Entertainment. Thomas Tull, founder and CEO of Legendary Entertainment, appears to have what was once called, “The Midas Touch.” Given his current financial successes in Hollywood, some predict that he may become the next person to achieve the same level of financial success in the film industry as moguls Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas. In fact, given his participation in the Batman and Superman series, in addition to non-Hollywood investments, it’s estimated that his personal net worth may have already reached about $840 million – if not much higher. As one Forbes article puts it, Tull’s success is largely based upon “a lot of risk and big bets;”
  • Rocketjump Studios. Now that a number of amateurs have successfully started careers by posting videos on YouTube -- yet remain unhappy with the way that website has arranged revenue sharing -- this group of creative minds has tried to offer an alternative approach through Rocketjump Studios. They’re hoping to help those disenchanted with YouTube gain “more control over how [their] videos are monetized;”
  • Stradella Road. Known for its “transformative marketing,” this company’s website says that it helps filmmakers “develop creative content and manage social marketing activation across the multi-channel omniverse.” Fast Company says that Stradella Road has even helped promote “such hits as Les Miserables and Django Unchained, and is currently working on the forthcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film;”
  • Warner Brothers. Although this movie studio has definitely been around the block many times, it’s recently begun making some provocative new decisions. “It sent shockwaves across Hollywood . . . [by] making a big bet that its future [is] in digital (and not at the cineplex)” when deciding which employees should shoulder new responsibilities and while acquiring specific new interests;
  • Illumination Entertainment. This independent studio is benefiting from its distribution deal with Universal and keeps creating film hits on a timely basis -- and on budgets few others can meet or beat. One of its most recent blockbusters, “Despicable Me 2, was lauded by critics and became the most profitable film” Universal has ever released;
  • AMC Theatres (Independent). America’s “second-largest theater chain devotes more than 60 of its screens to showing culturally and socially diverse independent films,” and also helps “indie filmmakers with marketing resources and expertise,” among other unique movie industry contributions.

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