You have finally made the decision to begin estate planning in Georgia, but who should you turn to for help? Many people attempt to do their own estate planning with forms they pay for online and instructional books they purchase. Although books and online forms can help you get started estate planning, you may have questions that you cannot find answers to online or in a book. Because estate planning is overwhelming and can be confusing, you need someone who can answer your questions and make sure you are doing everything correct.

For this reason, it is best to hire a qualified professional for your estate planning needs. Some good ways to search for a professional to help you with estate planning include:

  • Talk to your relatives to find out if they have hired anyone for estate planning services
  • Ask your friends for referrals
  • Speak with coworkers to find out who they have gone to for similar services
  • Conduct an online search for Georgia estate planning lawyers
  • Contact the Georgia State Bar to find out if the lawyer is in good standing

There are many professionals—such as financial planners, life insurance salespersons, certified public accountants, and attorneys—that say they give estate planning advice. While you can turn to any of these professionals for help, it is best to hire an attorney for estate planning advice because, after all, trusts and wills are legal documents that should be prepared by knowledgeable lawyers. Additionally, financial planners and life insurance salespeople often have underlying motives—such as to sell you on certain investments like an annuity or life insurance policy—and might give you biased advice. Because attorneys get paid for their services, they are able to provide unbiased advice and be of better help to you with your estate planning needs.

In order to get the right help, answers to your questions, and the correct estate planning documents, you should contact Shane Smith Law at 770.487.8999, where a skilled estate planning attorney can help you with your Georgia estate planning needs.

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