You may have never had a close call with a car while walking, but many people have. Or worse, they are struck by a vehicle and injured or killed. Sadly, pedestrian accidents occur all the time. According to information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a pedestrian death caused by a vehicle occurs every two hours, and every eight minutes a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle and injured in this nation. In the state of Georgia, vehicles kill about three pedestrians weekly. Pedestrians are 32 times more likely to be killed in a wreck than are occupants of vehicles.

Those at Risk of a Georgia Pedestrian Accident

Anyone in Georgia could become a victim of a pedestrian accident. This is because there are no limits and pedestrian accidents don’t discriminate. They can happen to anyone walking, anywhere, and at anytime, including:

  • Older Adults: Elderly people accounted for 18% of all pedestrian deaths and 10% of pedestrian injuries in 2008. They may be one of the most vulnerable groups because of poor eye sight and slowed reaction times.
  • Teens: Many teenagers feel invincible or think it’s cool to jaywalk and not follow pedestrian traffic lights and road rules, causing them to be among the most vulnerable for pedestrian accidents.
  • Children: Due to their small size, drivers have a hard time spotting children on the road. Additionally, those in strollers are at an increased risk of pedestrian injuries and fatalities.
  • Disabled: Pedestrian crossings are dangerous for those traveling by wheelchair, as drivers may have a harder time seeing them crossing the street.

As you can see, anyone who travels by foot or wheelchair is among the most vulnerable for Georgia pedestrian accidents. While anyone can be injured or killed in a pedestrian accident, the chances of becoming a victim increase in non-intersection areas and at night.

Drivers often speed, don’t look for pedestrians before turning or pulling out onto the road, fail to yield to pedestrians, drive distracted, and participate in drunk driving, which increase the likelihood of accidents and life-threatening injuries to pedestrians.

If you have suffered multiple fractures, brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, or any other injury in a Peachtree pedestrian accident, you need to speak with a Georgia injury lawyer to find out about filing a claim and recovering damages. Even if you were in a hit-and-run accident, there are damages available. Call a Peachtree personal injury law firm, the Law Offices of Shane Smith, today for help seeking justice at (770) 487-8999 to speak with a knowledgeable accident attorney in a free consultation.

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