When driving down a small Peachtree City road or a major Georgia interstate, a car crash may be the furthest thing on your mind. However, car accidents in Peachtree City, throughout Georgia, and across this nation occur far too often—some producing fatalities.

Who is more likely to die in a Georgia crash?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), younger women are more at risk for suffering fatal injuries in car crashes. After analyzing 50 years of crash data, NHTSA pinpointed that women drivers between the ages of 21–30 are 25.9 percent more likely to die in a wreck than males of the same age.

According to this study, younger men have a better advantage of surviving a crash over women, but the advantage starts diminishing after age 35. Both male and female drivers are about equally at risk for suffering fatal injuries in a crash by the age of 70. However, passenger information is slightly different.

The study indicates that female passengers between the ages of 65 and 74 have an 11.4 percent higher chance of dying in a wreck than male passengers the same age, and women passengers between the ages of 21–30 also are more likely to die than men of the same age. In fact, the younger female passengers have a 29.2 percent higher likelihood of being killed in a crash over younger men.

Regardless of the age of women or whether or not they are drivers or passengers, the study reveals that women overall have a 17 percent higher chance of dying in a car crash over men.

Why are women more at risk of dying in crashes?

NHTSA has made the following observations as to these findings, which include:

  • Younger women are more likely to not wear seat belts and get ejected from a car during a rollover
  • Younger men are bigger and stronger than women their same age

Although women are more fragile than men, they don’t deserve to die in a Georgia car crash. If your wife, mother, daughter, or sister was killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident due to someone else’s fault, your family may have a claim for damages. To find out how to hold a reckless driver accountable, call the Law Offices of Shane Smith and speak with a skilled Peachtree City auto accident attorney in a free consultation today at 770.487.8999.

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