The answer to the question above is, shockingly, everyone. Every time we get into our vehicles, there is a chance of being involved in an Atlanta auto accident that can cause serious injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

While some victims of TBIs suffer their injuries in car accidents, motorcycle crashes, pedestrian accidents, or truck crashes, others develop these serious injuries from falls, construction accidents, sports, being struck by an object, or from an assault. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1.7 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injuries each year—an increase from 1.4 million just a couple years ago—which results in:

  • 275,000 people hospitalized with a TBI
  • 52,000 victims who die from a traumatic brain injury
  • 1.365 million people who are treated and released from emergency rooms
  • An unknown number of people who do not receive care for their TBI

Depending on the nature of the event that led to the TBI injury, different age groups and genders may be more at risk to develop a TBI than others. The CDC reports:

  • Falls account for approximately 35.2% of traumatic brain injuries in this nation annually. Seniors over the age of 65 and children from age 0 to 14 years are the people most likely at risk for suffering a TBI in a fall.
  • Motor vehicle accidents account for approximately 17.3% of traumatic brain injuries each year, and anyone—regardless of age or gender—could be at risk of developing a TBI in a traffic accident. These types of accidents produce the largest percentage of TBI-related deaths at 31.8%.
  • Being struck by an object accounts for 16.5% of traumatic brain injuries. Children from birth to 14 years of age are most likely to be injured in this way, as it is the second leading cause of TBI amongst children. 
  • Assaults cause 10% of traumatic brain injuries that could affect the entire general population.

Males are more likely than females to suffer a TBI, accounting for 59%. Adults over the age of 75 account for 22% of TBI-related hospitalizations, and children from birth to age four made up 18% of emergency room visits for TBI-related injuries.

The CDC indicates that these numbers do not represent active duty military in war zones that may have suffered a TBI in a blast. While the number of ways someone could suffer a TBI in Georgia varies, the severity of the injury also can vary. Unfortunately, brain injuries are serious and have long-lasting results.

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