You may see many advertisements or receive mailers from people who call themselves estate planning specialists, but you should be careful and proceed with caution. Unfortunately, many of these people are just looking for a quick way to make a buck. They know that if they can get you to trust them with your Georgia estate planning needs that they might sell you on annuities or other products that they will make a commission off of. 

These promoters sometimes call themselves specialists or certified planners and make people feel like they can trust them; however, many of these people are not qualified to really help you plan for your future. Sadly, they give others who truly are specialists a bad name. 

In order to protect your assets and know you are turning to the right person, who is knowledgeable in estate planning and not trying to sell you insurance-based products, you should turn to a trusted Peachtree City estate planning lawyer.

A lawyer should not pressure you to make a decision regarding an estate planning or other financial document like some other specialists would. If you ever feel pressured into purchasing an estate planning or financial planning product, ask for time to reflect on your options before making a decision. Other things to be wary of include:

  • Home solicitors
  • Companies with complaints filed against them
  • Non-lawyer offices performing these services 
  • One-size-fits-all living trusts

Working with someone who is not a qualified estate planning attorney can have harmful consequences for your estate. In order to protect yourself, your assets, and your estate, turn to a trusted Georgia estate planning lawyer

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