People do not often understand how complicated personal injury cases can really get.  They believe that if they have been injured by someone else, they should automatically be awarded monetary damages.  However, personal injury cases can become complex quickly, especially if there are multiple parties involved or more than one question of law.  Furthermore, court procedures are very specific and change in each jurisdiction.  If court procedures are not followed to the letter, you risk the judge dismissing your lawsuit instead of awarding you compensation.  To avoid missing out on the settlement you deserve, you should always seek representation from an experienced Fayette County personal injury attorney who will know how to handle your particular case.


In a personal injury lawsuit, an attorney performs many functions.  These include:


  • Advising you of the nature of personal injury claims and helping you decide whether to pursue a case for your particular situation.
  • Helping you gather and collect all necessary information, such as medical bills, police reports, and other documentation.
  • Talking to the insurance company of the other party.  Insurance companies often try to take advantage of lay people who are unfamiliar with the law and their rights to a fair settlement.  A lawyer can help you avoid this mistreatment.
  • Investigate the accident, possibly using accident recreation equipment and other car accident experts who may even testify should your case go to trial.
  • Respond to any defenses the other party may assert and make legal arguments to disprove them.
  • Negotiate with the other party and their insurance company to try to get you proper compensation without having to go to trial.
  • File all the appropriate pleadings, forms, briefs, and other necessary documents.
  • Represent you at trial should settlement be unsuccessful and present evidence to convince the judge or jury that you deserve a monetary award for your injuries and losses.


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