Unlike many younger workers who often want to keep changing jobs to obtain a higher salary or a better job title, older workers are usually much more stable and simply want to earn money to cover their current and future living expenses. Likewise, seniors are more likely to show up for work on time and frequently have a lower rate of absenteeism than their younger coworkers. After all, they rarely like to stay out late during the work week. Furthermore, all of older workers’ life experiences have usually helped them develop excellent problem-solving skills.    

Yet these habits and traits are just a few of the excellent reasons to hire more mature workers. Here are some additional incentives set forth in a recent entrepreneur.com article.

Special Skills, Traits and Abilities Offered by Senior Employees

  • They are usually quite dedicated to providing their employers with the best job performance possible. Once a person reaches the age of 50 or beyond, they’ve usually fully learned that a big part of life is all about doing your best to help others. When you hire the right older worker, you’ll discover that frivolous ego concerns and distractions are often kept to a minimum;
  • Honesty and calm maturity. When you think about it, these common traits of older people are a real blessing for most employers. Seniors fully “get it” that dishonesty never pays;
  • They are often naturals when it comes to mentoring younger workers. Older workers nearly always enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills with others. They’ve learned the joy of helping others learn and are less likely to undermine the growth process of their co-workers than many younger workers;
  • Older workers usually have very seasoned communication skills. Once people have been working for several decades, they’ve often mastered the art of choosing the best spoken and written words. Also, seniors are frequently less interested in making power plays by undercutting others with their words;
  • Like others who often face discrimination, they are open to working minimum-wage jobs. Although their wealth of experience should entitle them to higher-paying work, older workers are aware that many employees often pay as little as possible to their people. While they may not agree with this policy, they’ll usually accept it rather than be unemployed. Of course, employer must still be careful to avoid the legal repercussions of taking advantage of any specific group of workers.

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