According to a recent article, it’s often wise to hire at least a few ex-cons, especially when you realize that many of them are not violent offenders. In fact, a great many of them simply made foolish choices as teenagers – and were caught. Furthermore, statistics show that most teens try illegal drugs, occasionally race their cars or even commit some very “questionable” acts.  

While older ex-cons often have the hardest time finding work – doesn’t our society believe in looking at the individual – and at least trying to give someone a “second chance?” The author of this article has plenty of firsthand experience working with ex-cons and she provides convincing statistics indicating that most ex-cons perform quite well when offered good jobs.

Here are some strong “talking points” that may help you to convince others in your company to at least give a few ex-cons the chance to interview for new openings in the future. 

Reasons Why You May Find it Beneficial to Hire at Least a Few Ex-Cons

  • People who normally face extreme discrimination in the workplace often wind up being the most loyal, productive, and punctual employees. This is simply true because many of them are quite grateful for being given a second chance. Also, many ex-cons will work as hard as they can because finding and keeping a job is often a condition of their parole or probation and none of them truly want to return to prison or jail;
  • Those who have excelled in criminal sales are often very charismatic and have good organizational skills. These workers often do quite well when selling lawful goods and services;
  • You can often obtain free federal bonding for ex-cons. This can provide a strong incentive for many employers, especially since they also know that many ex-cons are often willing to start working at low-paying, minimum wage jobs;
  • Employers who hire ex-cons can receive certain tax breaks. One program sponsored by the Department of Labor “encourages employers to consider this talent pool by offering a tax break called the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program.” It will provide some employers with “up to $2,400 per employee each year;”
  • Programs like Defy Ventures based in New York City are proving that there’s ample talent among ex-cons. In fact, the author of this article has personally worked with more than 1,000 people with felony histories for over nine years. She’s discovered that a large percentage of these individuals can become either trustworthy workers or highly competent entrepreneurs.

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