Winter is here, and for some that means snowstorms, freezing rain, and icy sidewalks. While harsh winter weather is rare here in Atlanta, it does occur from time to time, increasing the potential for accidents. And car accidents aren’t the only type of accident to occur from white dangers. In fact, slip and fall accidents are a very real concern as the likelihood of injuries from ice on the ground and stairs increases.

Because of the increased dangers for falling outside during the wintertime, property owners and property possessors need to keep their premises free from danger in order to minimize their liability in winter falls.

Here are some steps that everyone can take to lower the risk of slip and fall accidents and injuries during this winter:

Property owners:

  • Exercise care and salt the walkways
  • Clean hazardous ice patches
  • Clear the sidewalks and parking lots of snow and ice or hire a company to remove snow and ice
  • Warn customers, employees, and guests of dangerous conditions
  • Attempt to keep heavy traffic areas (entrances and exits) dry
  • Spread sand in front of your business’s entrance


  • Wear rubber boots or shoes that are slip resistant with good traction
  • Slow down—take your time and walk slowly in winter conditions
  • Take small steps—shorten your stride
  • Be careful and look before you step
  • Choose your path carefully to avoided shaded areas where there is an increased chance of ice

In Georgia, property owners and business owners have a responsibility to their customers, employees, and guests to clear hazardous ice patches off the sidewalks and parking lots of their premises. This means that property owners need to frequently inspect the premises for the accumulation of ice and keep those that enter their property safe. At the very least, property owners should warn the public about icy conditions on their property.

If property owners have been negligent in clearing hazardous conditions such as ice, then they may be on thin ice for failing to upkeep their property. If you suffered any injuries in a fall on someone else’s property, that property owner, business owner, or property possessor may be held responsible for your slip and fall injuries that occurred on their property due to their own carelessness.

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