The family of a pedestrian fatally struck by a vehicle in Chicago filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the 21-year-old driver alleging she was updating her Facebook page on a smartphone at the time of the accident. According to the lawsuit, Araceli Beas was using her phone to update her Facebook page while driving when she struck pedestrian Raymond Veloz on Dec. 7, 2010. Veloz was pronounced dead at a local hospital an hour after the accident.


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The lawsuit alleges that Veloz had exited his vehicle after he was involved in a minor traffic accident. He was exchanging information with the other driver when Beas struck him with her car, severing his leg. Veloz bled to death as a result of the accident.


The wrongful death lawsuit claims that the timestamp on Beas' Facebook update shows the exact same time that she called emergency to report the accident. The lawsuit states that this supports the allegation that Beas was updating her Facebook page at the time of the accident. The suit, filed by Veloz's daughter, alleges that Beas did not keep a proper lookout, drove while using an electronic communication device and failed to slow down to avoid an accident. The suit is seeking unspecified damages.


Though the wrongful death claim is filed by surviving family members, the court views the family as the victim's representatives. Georgia juries in wrongful death claims may consider the victim's life, age, health, business situation, activities and other facts relevant to the case. Jurors may also consider the victim's expected earnings during the duration of his working lifetime, his medical benefits or retirement/pension that would have been accrued, any expected inheritance he had not yet received and the victim's physical or mental suffering endured prior to death as a direct result of his injuries.


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