Losing a loved one is always difficult, but it becomes more difficult when your loved one’s death is caused by an avoidable auto accident.  In addition to the emotional problems you may face in the wake of an untimely and tragic death, you may also be left with significant medical bills, funeral expenses, and the loss of a contributing income to your household.  These financial issues can be debilitating and should be the last thing you have to worry about after the death of a spouse or other family member.  If the auto accident was caused by someone’s negligence or wrongdoing, that person should be held liable for their actions and compensate you for your loss and financial troubles.  An experienced wrongful death attorney in Fayette County can help you do just that

Though money will never bring back your loved one, a wrongful death action can help bring some closure and financial peace of mind.  Some of the recovery available in an auto accident wrongful death claim includes:

  • Medical expenses, including emergency care, surgeries, hospital stays, and any other procedures received prior to death.
  • Funeral costs and related expenses.
  • Lost wages for when your loved one was in the hospital, plus anticipated earnings they would have received in the future.
  • Lost benefits, such as pensions or insurance coverage.
  • Pain and suffering you experienced after the death of your loved one, including loss of companionship and/or consortium in the future.

You may also be entitled to bring a survival action, which is basically the lawsuit your loved one would have brought for his or her own pain and suffering had he or she survived the accident.

Knowing exactly to what you are entitled in a wrongful death claim can be complicated, as may be proving the negligence or wrongdoing of the person who was at fault.  For these reasons, it is important to contact a wrongful death lawyer to assist you with your claim.  If you have lost a loved one in an auto accident, call the Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770-487-8999 today.

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