Far too many Americans have been successfully bombarded by commercial ads selling high-tech phones and services, as well as mega-channel cable contracts. If you'll stop and check on how much you’re spending on these services on a monthly basis, you’ll probably find you can easily cut back and save yourself about $100-$200 a month. This money can then be used toward more rapidly paying off your high-interest credit cards, mortgage or car note.

Hi-Tech Devices and Services You Probably Don't Need

  • An expensive cell phone that allows you to constantly send or receive texts and also surf the Internet. Pay-as-you-go cell phones like T-Mobile and other companies still sell can provide you all of the phone services you need for requesting emergency car repairs or handling brief calls with family members or employers. After all, most of us know better than to spend lengthy time visiting with friends and relatives on our employer's dime. Many landlines are still very cheap and can be easily used in the evenings;
  • Excessive cable channels. A number of accomplished Americans have said later in life that they regret wasting so much time on television. You'll find that the people you view as truly interesting are those who spend considerable time either reading books or listening to them on tape. In addition, couch potatoes usually spend less time with close friends and family.  Daily exercise, volunteer work and attending your kids’ school or sporting events are often neglected by constant TV viewers. If you’ll look carefully at your current cable TV package – odds are you'll be just as happy with far fewer channels;
  • Extra services for a high-tech tablet or “pad.” If you really need to save money, you should definitely consider postponing the purchase of these items since your desktop computer or laptop should be sufficient. Babysitting high-tech tablets and pads all day usually leads to wasting time playing video games and other questionable pursuits. If you’re really serious about saving more money each month, pick up a book and learn something new.


Once you make these types of changes, you can start reducing your debts by using the extra money you once spent on a variety of high-tech devices and services. Of course, if you’re in healthcare, ministry or a variety of “first-responder” professions, you may always need to carry one or more high-tech devices wherever you go.



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