It has become common knowledge that distracted driving can cause accidents that may lead to serious injury. Cell phone distractions, particularly sending or receiving text messages, are especially dangerous because it can distract a driver in all three types of driver distractions: manual, visual, and cognitive. Teen drivers as a group, with their relative inexperience, also present an increased risk of car accidents. Combining cell phone use and teenage drivers would seem to create a particularly dangerous combination.

According to a report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, young drivers reported more crashes while using cell phones than other groups. According to the data, 6 percent of respondents reported being in a crash in the past year, and 7 percent reported being in a near crash. Drivers from 18-20 reported the highest incidence of crash or near crash experiences, with 23 percent responding that they had been involved in such an incident.  This group also reported the highest level of phone involvement at the time of the crash or near crash, with 13 percent saying that there had been phone involvement at the time of the incident. 8 percent said that they were sending a text or an email, 3 percent were reading a text or an email, and 2 percent said that they were talking on a cell phone.

All types of distracted driving are dangerous, and distractions are not limited to cell phone use. Other sources of driver distraction include eating, grooming, reading, talking, looking at outside events, searching for items in the car, adjusting a radio, using a GPS navigation system, or watching a video, just to name a few. Anything that that even partially takes your attention away from driving can be considered a distraction, and may increase the risk of an adverse event.

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