The likelihood of dying in an auto accident is related to a person's occupation according a recent study published in Accident Analysis & Prevention. Workers for the transportation industry, a warehouse or an oil and gas company have the highest percentage of fatal auto accidents.


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Industries where workers are predominantly young males who work long shifts and who drive pickup trucks are at the highest risk of being in a fatal auto accident according to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Rural areas also have a higher percentage of fatal accidents than urban areas.


The study, conducted by analyzing information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, arrived at a number of conclusions. Occupations that require long working shifts put a worker more at risk as they deviate from normal sleeping patterns and are at a greater risk of driver fatigue. Those that do not promote seat belt safety or where seat belt use is not part of the work culture see an increased number of auto accident fatalities. There is also a higher rate of fatal accidents in industries that do not have safety programs within the workplace or where driving is one of the primary duties. Additionally, small offices that do not have an implemented safety and training program are more likely to have fatal accidents than large offices with programs in place.


According to the study, about 56 percent of the fatal accidents involved only one vehicle. Seat belts were not worn or the victim was ejected from the car, thus indicating that a belt was not worn, in half of the deaths.


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