Posted on Aug 25, 2013

Since teen driving accidents in Georgia and nationwide have been on the rise due to distracted driving and speeding, many parents have decided to electronically monitor their teen drivers for safety reasons.

The Coker sisters of Marietta, Georgia, were recently interviewed by USA Today regarding their father monitoring their driving. Rob Coker, father of Ashley and Grayson, says he uses apps and other technology to monitor his daughters while they are driving.

With the increase in available apps and technology, parents can keep tabs on their children and set limits for them behind the wheel.   Because speeding is still a factor in many fatal Georgia car crashes, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, technology can help parents monitor and even prevent their children from speeding.

According to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study of 16 and 17-year-old drivers, those with monitoring devices didn’t take as many risks behind the wheel. This perhaps is due to the fact that the teen drivers know their parents are paying attention to their driving habits.

Some technology that can help parents monitor their teen drivers include:

  • Ford “MyKey” technology – parents can program a car key to a top speed, limit the audio volume, can turn off the audio if a driver or passenger unbuckles their seat belt, and a lot more.
  • Infiniti Connection infotainment system – this technology can set boundaries for teen drivers and notifies parents if geographic boundaries are crossed.
  • OnStar Family Link – this technology can help parents track the location of their teen drivers.
  • AT&T Drive Mode – this technology will send incoming calls to voicemail and reply to texts and emails with an auto reply if the car is moving above 25 miles per hour. Sprint’s Drive First technology is similar, as well as many other cellphone technologies that will help make teen drivers safer.

These tools can help parents know where the teenagers are at all times, as well as help them minimize their chances of being in a Georgia teen car accident.

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