Posted on Aug 22, 2013

A recent study conducted by provided some insight on where the worst drivers in the country are. Contrary to what some might believe, Atlanta is not home to the worst drivers in America; however, our metro did rank number 11 out of 39 large cities nationwide.

The study was based on police reports and insurance data from Allstate Insurance Company—ranking 39 of the largest cities in the nation. The study also focused on the following:

  • Average miles traveled per household – data from the Center for Neighborhood Technology’s Housing and Transportation Affordability Index
  • Average years between accidents – data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) automobile fatality data
  • Average years between pedestrian strikes – data from CDC’s WONDER
  • The average years between automotive fatalities involving alcohol – data from Century Council

After reviewing data from different cities, ranked Miami as the number one city for worst drivers in the country. Additionally, three other cities in Florida topped the list prior to Atlanta. Surprisingly, Los Angeles ranked 21st place, despite, perhaps, having the worst traffic in the nation.

While the report is meant to celebrate the cities that had the fewest number of traffic accidents and fatalities, it also indicates which cities are considered more dangerous or at higher risk for automotive accidents and fatalities. While Atlanta might not be the worst ranked driving city, it is still considered a poor driving city, where many drivers are at risk for being injured in Atlanta auto accidents.

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