Posted on Oct 28, 2009

     Wednesday morning commuters had a longer than average commute when traffic came to a stop early in the morning.  A fatal car wreck shut down all lanes on I-85 near Spaghetti Junction.  DeKalb County Police said that a woman was getting on the interstate when she lost control, started spinning and struck was struck by another vehicle.  The woman died at the scene.
     I-85 opened back up by 8 a.m. but traffic had already backed up for 10 miles to Ga. Hwy 316.  To further complicate matters, a six car wreck backed up I-75 near Windy Hill around 7 am.  Cobb County had gotten all but one lane re-opened by 8 but this wreck caused a 13 mile back up to Wade Green.  This is in addition to all of the surface street back ups caused when people couldn't get onto the Interstates.
     Not to be outdone, the south side of Atlanta had a 7 vehicle collision in Henry County, blocking lanes until 9 am.  For more details see the AJC article posted here.  This just illustrates why Atlanta has one of the longest commutes in the United States.  We in Atlanta were ranked as having the fourth longest commute in a recent Forbes article.  Be safe Atlanta.

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