Posted on Jun 24, 2010

     Once again the drunk driver kills someone and isn't hurt.  Current article shows a Georgia Drunk Driver going home on bond.  For background know that she left her job at a night club here in Atlanta.  She was .229 over three time the legal limit.  While going home she struck another vehicle being driven by a designated driver.  The DUI victim went to the hospital and later died of their car accident related injuries. 
     Once again the DUI victim pays the price for Drunk Driving in Atlanta.  No amount of money will ever bring back the victim, but maybe a large verdict can prevent another drunk driver.  More likly though is a Dram Shop Act case, where the night club is sued for deliberatly serving a drunk person who then goes out and hurts someone.  At .229 BAC the driver had to have shown signs of intoxication.  Lawsuits against bars and night clubs can help prevent them from encouraging this type of behavior.

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