Posted on Nov 28, 2011

Two police cruisers were involved in separate Atlanta car crashes on Friday, November 18.

Around 9:00p.m., a police officer struck a water sampling station at the intersection of Constitution and Jonesboro roads. Janet Ward, spokeswoman for the city's Department of Watershed Management, said that the sampling station is used to make sure the water main is clear, and the city’s water service was not affected by the accident.

The officer was not seriously injured, and the investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing.

The crash was the second police car accident to take place that day. Early Friday morning, a police officer wrecked his cruiser on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard.

According to Atlanta Police Captain Van Hobbs, the officer’s car veered off the road and struck a utility pole when he swerved to avoid a pit bull puppy that had wandered into the street.

The officer received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries at Grady Memorial Hospital.

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