Posted on Oct 07, 2010

A bus crash in Carroll County left one student dead and ten others injured.  The driver may not have had the necessary credentials to drive the school bus. 
The fatal Georgia school bus accident occurred at about 2 p.m. on the afternoon of Monday, October 4.  
The bus was carrying 12 students from Temple High School between Temple and Carrollton. The bus was travelling south on Highway 113 when the bus driver, Kenneth Ross Herringdine, 59, of Roopville, Georgia, lost control of the bus.  The bus went into a ditch and overturned .
One student, Rashawn Walker, 17, was pinned under the bus.  Walker was pronounced dead at the scene.  
Ten other teens were injured in the Georgia motor vehicle crash. They were sent to three different hospitals for treatment and all were in good or fair condition. 
The Carroll County school system acknowledged that they had misinterpreted the regulations imposed by the state Department of Driver Services (DDS). The school bus driver involved in Monday's deadly crash did not have the "s" endorsement on his commercial driver's license which would authorize him to drive a school bus with students on board. The school district plans to review the training for all of its bus drivers to make sure they are fully certified and will work with the state Department of Education and DDS to ensure its training process meets state requirements.

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