Posted on Jul 06, 2010
The driver of a commuter bus was seriously injured when the bus ran off the road near Powder Springs. Nineteen passengers were on board.
The bus did not overturn, but it tilted with the door against a tree. The passengers were forced to climb out the windows of the bus.
Reports say that the driver lost control of the bus due to a medical condition. The driver was rushed to the hospital for treatment of abdominal pain. Three passengers were also taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. A second bus was sent to transport the rest of the passengers.
In the U.S., about 350 million bus passengers travel a combined 28 million miles each year. As busses become a more popular commuting option, bus crash injuries are becoming more common. About 25 percent of bus crash fatalities involve pedestrians. Sixty percent involve a collision with a passenger car. It is important that drivers be properly trained and screened in order to keep passengers safe.  

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