Posted on Oct 22, 2009

Georgia State Patrol officials and law enforcement officials in Tennessee all agree that fatal car accidents occur more often in rural areas.  There are a combination of reasons why this occurs.  One factor is less frequent maintains on the roads.  Guard rails may be missing, or yellow lines have faded from view.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides statistics which show that there are more fatal accidents on back roads in rural areas than on urban roads or main highways.
     Nationwide, just under 21,000 people were killed in car accidents on rural roads last year with another 16,000 on urban roads.  In Georgia there were 700 rural fatal car accidents with 687 urban fatal car crashes.  Tennessee had 607 fatal accidents in rural areas and 428 in urban areas.  
     Speed can also play a major factor.  Back roads are often narrower.  Back roads often have four way stops, flashing lights, and curves that are not present on urban roads.  When drivers do not pay attention, accidents happen.  
     However, police officials attribute the most prevalent reason is that seat belt usage is not as common among back road drivers.  Statistics in rural areas show 65 percent wear them versus 85 percent in urban areas.  Wearing a seat belt increases your chances of survival in a serious wreck.  You are responsible for yourself.

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