Posted on Apr 19, 2012
A Fayetteville man sustained significant injuries early Sunday morning when he hit three cows in the roadway on Ga. Highway 92 North.
Fayette County Sheriff’s Maj. Bryan Woodie said the incident occurred at approximately 1 a.m. Sunday morning when 32-year-old Fayetteville resident Jeremy King was driving his Chevrolet Silverado south on Ga. Highway 92 South.
King sustained significant, non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to Grady Hospital in Atlanta, said Woodie, adding that King’s vehicle was substantially damaged in the accident.
Woodie said King was in the area of Coleman Lake Road when he had to swerve his vehicle in an attempt to avoid hitting three cows in the roadway. His attempt was unsuccessful and King struck the three cows, Woodie said, adding that the cows were subsequently killed.
Reports listed Fayette County resident Pat Green as the owner of the cows, Woodie said.
Additional reports on Monday noted that other cows were grazing in a nearby wooded area and deputies dispatched to the area located several cows. Local residents contacted to determine the ownership of the cows all denied that the animals belonged to them, Woodie said.

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